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HR Software Integration

HR Software Integration

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HR Software Integration

HR Software Integration

What is Integration?

Software integration is when two stand-alone software systems connect to share data.

Why is Integration so Important?

Integration saves data entry to multiple systems – reducing admin errors and the time taken to perform administrative tasks. It also improves data management and reporting to efficiently analyse all the information available using the appropriate platform.

Do I need to Integrate Software?

The short answer is no, you don’t need to. But why wouldn’t you when the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages? Significant time savings, more accurate data collection and increased software functionality is just a few of the reasons to make the move toward integration.

HR Integration with Payroll and Accounting

Our HR software integrates with most of the major Payroll and Accounting software providers including KeyPay, Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB. Data such as personal employee details will be shared between the two systems. Timesheets entered into the HR system can be easily used by the Payroll system to determine employee pay rates and allowances, without the need for multiple data entry.

How do I Set Up Software Integration?

Integration setup usually takes place when implementing new software and is carried out by the implementation team. If two software systems have already setup API connections to each other, the integration can be a very quick and easy process. More systems are moving to what they refer to as “open API” which allows other software providers to connect relatively easily.

Final Thought

Integration between specialised software has never been easier and has some significant benefits. It’s important to choose software which can easily integrate with your current software solutions and understand what is involved in the integration process. Our software options can integrate with most major software providers. If you would like to check our integration options with your current providers, please enter your details below and we will be in touch to offer a free demo.

Integrates with Payroll

Our HR software option integrate with most of the major payroll software systems.

Integrates with Accounting

Our HR software options integrate with most of the major accounting software systems.

Open API

Our HR software has an open API, meaning other software platforms can easily integrate if the choose.

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