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Free Health Check

Free Health Check

Human Resources Health Check

Our free HR Health Check is a self-assessment tool designed to take a snapshot of your current HR and Payroll practices. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and then we’ll be in touch to provide our obligation-free recommendations.

Questions are optional. We encourage you to try and answer all the questions for the best results.

Overview of your Business

How many employees do you have?
What State(s) or Territory(s) do you operate in?
Do you employ casuals?
Do you use contractors / subcontractors?
Do you hire junior employees (under 21 years)?

Part 1: Workplace Legislation

Do you know which award(s) or agreement(s) (if any) apply to your business?
Do you understand the 11 National Employment Standards and how they apply to your employees?
Do you provide the Fair Work Information Statement to all new employees and retain details of how the statement was given?
Are you aware of your obligations with respect to the below:
Requests for flexible working arrangements
Notice of termination
Redundancy pay
Casual conversion
Do you understand the risks and requirements relating to unfair and unlawful terminations?

Part 2: Policies and Procedures

Do you have the following policies or similar?
Do you provide training or education to employees around workplace policies?
Is there a process for employees to lodge a complaint / grievance?
Do you have a formal investigation process if someone submits a bullying complaint?
Do you have a recruitment process which complies with your obligations regarding privacy and discrimination?
Do you check that each employee has the right to work in Australia?

Part 3: Contracts

Does every employee have an employment contract outlining the terms and conditions of their employment?
Where employees are paid differently to what is specified in the Award (eg. an annual salary), do they have an Individual Flexibility Agreement?
Have you assessed each contractor arrangement against the criteria set by Fair Work and the ATO to ensure it is a genuine contractor relationship?

Part 4: Employment Records and Payslips

Do you maintain the following information on the employee’s record?
(Can be electronic and/or written records)
Do job descriptions exist and are they up to date?
Please select which items you include on your employee’s payslip
Do you provide payslips to employees within one working day of pay day even if they are on leave?

Part 5: Your business

Does your business currently have HR/Payroll support (either internally or through an external provider)?
Are there any other questions or concerns you would like to discuss?
Disclaimer: This self-assessment tool does not cover all areas of employer best practice and compliance, and is not intended as legal advice.